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Scott Edward Godin

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Scott Edward Godin

Scores and CDs


Many of my scores and parts are available through the Canadian Music Centre website:


All other scores and parts are available by contacting me directly (click the contact tab at the top of the page).


The following are commercially-available recordings of my compositions:

PEP, Volume One (Redshift: TK437, 2014), featuring my piece a long the riverrun, (2013) for erhu and piano

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Modern Hearts - New Music for Electric Guitar (Redshift: TK429, 2014), featuring my piece gwan (2008) for two electric guitars or electric guitar and tape

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Expressions (SST1301, 2013), featuring my pieces #1, #4, #12 (2003-4) for piano solo

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Devil’s Dance (Clef: 09088-2, 2009), featuring my piece #3a (2004) for two violins and piano

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Westwind (Electra: eccd-2076, 2007), featuring my piece the noise of carpet (2005) for alto sax and piano

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bien serre (Kappa: kap 02, 2000), featuring my piece greyhound (1999) for bari sax and big band

Soundland Alberta (Clef: cr 96001-2, 1996), featuring my piece “longing…” (1994) for solo organ

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