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Scott Edward Godin

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Scott Edward Godin

My Music


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three tangos (2016)

for accordion and jazz band; 14’00”


oh my golly! (2013)

for drumline, mallet instruments, electric bass, and narrator; 8’00”


music from the great white (2007)

for concert band; 11’30”


o sweet spontaneous (2007)

for orchestra (2[picc]22[b cl]2/4331/timp+2/str); 16’30”

Score Excerpt (pdf)


home (2004)

for string orchestra; 8’00”


weight (2002)

for orchestra (2222/4231/pno/timp+2/str[16,14,10,10,8]); 20’00”


orange (2001)

for ensemble (fl, 2 cl, a sx, t sx, b sx, hn, trp, 3 trb, b guit, pno); 12’30”


cowboy (2000)

for marimba and string orchestra; 12’00”


greyhound (1999)

for baritone saxophone and jazz band (a sx, 2 t sx, 3 trp, flg, 3 trb, b trb, 2 el guit, drmkit); 15’15”



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The Snatchabook: a children's opera (2014)

for young voices and piano; 25’00”

text adapted from the book by Helen and Thomas Docherty


mosses. (2013)

for soprano and piano; 4’30”

text by Rolli


She Lived amid Roses, So (2011)

for mixed choir (SATB); 4’30”

text by Emily Pauline Johnson


Joni Mitchell Never Lies: testaments and reflections improperly addressed (2006-7)

for soprano and rock band (el guit, b guit, kit, perc, keybd); 38’00”

texts based on anonymous postcard, adapted and added to by the composer


bifana mundi: a musical representation of life in plateau Mont–Royal (2004)

for counter-tenor and ensemble (ob, hpsd/p org, vln, vla, vlc, db);18’00”

texts based on graffiti found in Plateau Mont-Royal, adapted by the composer


canto IV (1997)

for amplified soprano and ensemble (2 cl, 2 a sx, 2 trp, 4 trb); 12’30”

text taken from La Divina Commedia by Dante Alighieri (c. 1315)


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Martlandia (2016)

for electric guitar quartet; 11’30”


on Poetics (2014)

for guitar trio; 16’30”


inside the Theodosian walls (2013)

for guitar trio; 5’00”


breathe in / breathe out (2012)

for flute, violin, and violoncello; 13’30”


ghosts of byzantium (2012)

for ensemble of world instruments (sitar, pipa, ruan, barbat, guit, bs guit, daf, tabla); 13’00”


all that is solid melts into the air (2010)

for clarinet (B-flat and A) and string quartet (arr. for vla quintet, 2012); 15’00”


guan (2007)

for electric guitar, viola, electric keyboard, and percussion; 15’00”

Score Excerpt (pdf)


enso (2007)

for clarinet, alto saxophone, and piano; 14’00”


a foregone conclusion… (2006)

for clarinet, violoncello, and piano; 10’00”


abhaya mudra (2005)

for saxophone quartet; 15’30”

Score Excerpt (pdf)


stereo (2005)

for clarinet, percussion, violin, and violoncello; 12’00"


#7 (2004)

for brass quintet; 7’45"


soccer: in memoriam Hugh Kenner (2004)

for ensemble (cl/b cl, trp, 2 perc, pno, vln, db); 12’30”


#3 (2003)

for piano trio; 9’45"

also arranged for two violins and piano (#3a)


solitude (2001)

for string quartet; 15’15”

Score Excerpt (pdf)


slipping into madness is good for the sake of comparison (2001)

for clarinet, violin, violoncello, and piano; 18’30”


dang (2001)

for ensemble (fl, cl, trb, vln, pno/cel, perc); 11’00”

Score Excerpt (pdf)


d-day, baby… (1998)

for 2 pianos and 2 percussion; 10’30”


dissect (1998)

for wind quintet; 6’45”


flavour! (1998)

for piano and ensemble (picc/fl, ob, cl/b cl, bsn, hn, trp, trb, db); 10’15”


macrohype (1994)

for alto saxophone, string quartet, and tape; 9’00”



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over the mountain pass (2015)

for chang'gu (Korean drum) and piano; 5’00” (also a version for solo piano)


evelyn (2015)

for violin and harpsichord; 9’00”


guided by voices (2014)

for five-string cello; 8’30”


a long the riverrun, (何日复归来) (2013)

for erhu and piano; 6’30”


full grown (2012)

for drumkit solo; 11’30”


two Wölfli sketches: horror vacui / musicum umbrarum (2011-12)

for viola solo;14’30”

Score Excerpt (pdf)


la Destruction: reflèxions sur le poème de Charles Baudelaire (2011)

for piano solo (arr. for tpt / pno, 2012); 5’00"

Score Excerpt (pdf)


cadenza for Frederic Rzewski's "The People United will never be Defeated!" (2011)

for piano solo (can be played with the Rzewski or separately); 8’00”


terrain ; loop : two portraits of the Kootenays (2011)

for oboe solo; 11’00”

Score Excerpt (pdf)


as far as i know (2010; rev. 2013)

for violin solo; 7’00”

Score Excerpt (pdf)


"2009" (2010)

for piano, four hands; 12’00”

Score Excerpt (pdf)


manusa (2008)

for violin and electric guitar; 5’30”


gwan (2008)

for 2 electric guitars (or electric guitar and tape); 12’15”


the noise of carpet (2005)

for alto saxophone and piano; 8’30”


#12 (2004)

for piano solo; 5’00”


#8 (2004)

for alto saxophone and piano; 7’30”

also arranged for piano trio (#8a), clarinet and piano (#8b), and violin and piano (#8c)
Score Excerpt (pdf)


#4 (2004)

for piano solo; 3’15”


#26 (2003)

for alto saxophone and piano; 5’45”


#17 (2003)

for alto saxophone and piano; 6’30”

also arranged for tenor trombone and piano (#17a) and clarinet and piano (#17b)


#1 (2003)

for piano solo; 5’15”


timeless (2001)

for drumkit solo;13’30”

Score Excerpt (pdf)


melting architecture (2000)

for piano and electronic signs (“truisms” by Jenny Holzer); 29’15”


sweat (1998)

for violin and violoncello; 25’00”


“longing…” (1994)

for organ solo; 5’45”